Life in the Farm – Enjoying life in real Farmville

Living in the farm is simple and quite different to a big city where pollutants are abundant. In the farm, early dawn a sweet and beautiful creeps of singing birds you have heard which offer’s sign of one beautiful day. Smell’s the fragrance of fresh air and midst from the east that hugs you for a little while till sun not shine. A crystal drop of water hanging on the tip of green leaf that ready to fall if you take glance on the plants and flowers bloom who offers a sweet floral fragrance. The sun from the offer’s magnificent reddish color that nourish body with vitamin D. When soft air silently blew coming from the east blade of grass and leaf sway that create magnificent sound of nature.

Animals in the barn are happily eating fresh grass and their offspring running toward the sun. Busy farmers are harvesting their yields from orchards and fields for food and market.

Farm gives off fresh food coming from plants and animals to the farmer and to the people where there families enjoy eating fresh food. Living in farm is PARADISE!!!